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New Work by Ken Jacobs

Saturday, Jan 13, 2018 at 1:00 pm

Location: Redstone Theater

Shelley Duvall Is Olive Oyl (2017, 23 mins.)
Get Up and Go (2017, 10 mins.)
A Spin Through Night City (4 mins.)
Along the Elevated (2017, 2 mins.)
World Premieres. Digital projection.

Descriptions by Ken Jacobs:

Shelley Duvall is Olive Oyl is the fourth in a series of shorts (Popeye Sees 3D; Pappy Sees 3D, Too; Sweepea’s Favorite Eternalisms. We’re crazy about both the original Popeye and the Robert Altman film but the point in evoking the one-eyed sailor was to bring attention to single-eye depth perception. The Eternalism is my name for moving screen-images that not only appear in depth on 2D monitors but can continue in place with no start and no repeat point forever, defying time as we know it but also with their impossible depths available to even a single eye. Time’n’space time’n’space, transformed by cinema! The unthinkable available as the new electronic greeting card.

Get Up and Go is a glimpse given dimension. No day is complete without a visit to Chinatown and on this day my movie camera caught a woman rising from a bench. That’s all (the obvious influence is James Joyce’s Ulysses). Malcolm Goldstein’s violin takes us to the edge.

A Spin Through Night City gets many visual elements spinning. Only daughter Nisi working at our computer knows how difficult it is to get both foreground—rain on the cab window—and background -the city streets—in focus at the same time. The picture we see is deep but the pictorial source remains a single plane.

Along the Elevated is an expanse of city architecture in delicious depth (depth is not only what things exist in, its ins and outs speak to us). We follow a speedy lunch wagon (fast food) until it turns in another direction. With such near-nothing incidents do I keep my mind off this wicked presidency.

WARNING: This is a program of rapidly alternating images, not for those with unusual brain conditions.

Free admission. Tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.