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MoMI Teen Film Festival


Location: Redstone Theater

The first-ever MoMI Teen Film Fest is being organized by the Teen Council, a working group of teenagers at the Museum of the Moving Image. The films were chosen by the Teen Council from an open call for submissions from NYC teens, ages 13-19, who created or helped create a short film. The films will be screened in the Museum’s Redstone Theater, followed by a discussion and reception with filmmakers in the Digital Learning Suite.
Admission is free. Please RSVP by using this form. Tickets will be distributed first come, first served on the day of the event.
Some of the films selected for the first-ever MoMI Teen Film Fest are: 


(Aicha Cheriff. 2017, 5 mins.) Cut explores female genital mutilation from the perspective of three generations of women.


(Anokha Venugopal. 2016, 6 mins.) A teenage girl struggles to keep her relationship with her mother intact when a college essay and a fish get in the way.


(Shane Fleming. 2017, 2 mins.) The spirits of long-deceased New Yorkers make their daily rounds through an abandoned factory in Brooklyn.


(Eve Liberman. 2018, 2 mins.) Selkies are mythical creatures that can live as either humans or seals, depending upon whether or not they wear their magical skin. In Selkie, the heroine is a human, but her love of seals leads her to try on a new skin.


(Gil Rivera. 2017, 5 mins.) The film follows a medieval-era woman, priest, and hangman who travel through the woods to find a spot to execute her.

PARTY MAN (part 2)

(Kayla Drzewick. 2017, 3 mins.) The short film PARTY MAN was inspired by a birthday party that was thrown for the filmmaker by friends. The second installment of a series captures the melancholic side of birthday parties, as well as the sadness and humor of being alone.

Tied Up

(Lola Verhulst. 2017, 3 mins.) On his way to a job interview Josh struggles to tie his tie.

A Feast to Be Had

(Marc Fersko. 2017, 5 mins.) A powerful cult leader, a dim-witted assistant, and two options for dinner.

Abstract Ev

(Liam McAuliffe. 2016, 5 mins.) This is a documentary about Evan Gonzalez, who at the time of the film, was a seventeen-year-old photographer attending the High School for Art and Design. The film describes how Evan got into photography, where his specific interests lie, as well as who has helped him along the way.

They Will

(Morgan White. 2017, 3 mins.) In order to raise awareness about the growing social issue of sexual assault and harassment, one needs to use their voice, even if they think it will never be heard.


(India Gray. 2017, 7 mins.) A short film about the people we love and leave behind.

Let the Children Play

(Karla Olivo. 2017, 1 min.) A visual poem set in the filmmaker’s home country, the Dominican Republic, Let the Children Play is about the beauty of being young, and being careless.


(Milo Reyes. 2017, 1 min.) Cantaloupe is a simple love story told in an unusual way inspired by New Wave films of the 1960s.


(Ronan A. Madden. 2017, 1 min.) Barry the Brick is alone, in an abandoned construction site.