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MoMI Teen Film Fest


MoMI Teen Film Fest is being organized by the Teen Council, a working group of teenagers at Museum of the Moving Image. 
Words are powerful. They divide, hurt, celebrate, gather, label, strengthen, encourage, degrade, and kill; but they don’t define us. For our second annual Teen Film Fest at Museum of the Moving Image, the Teen Council presents films from teens from all boroughs who reclaim language prevalent in contemporary youth culture; deconstructing, defining, playing, and/or interpreting words that impact their lives.  
Following a screening and discussion in the Redstone Theater, there will be a reception with filmmakers in the Fox Amphitheater. 

Admission is free. Please RSVP by using this form. Tickets will be distributed first come, first served on the day of the event.

NYC Dream$
(Diego Barcelo. 2019, 1 min.) A calm music video about summer chaos and beauty of New York City.
(Sean Cunningham. 2018, 3 mins.) A Super 8 portrait of New York City through the lens of a traveling teen.
Stop Requested
(Nicholas Philomeno. 2019, 3 mins.) A heartbroken teenage girl learns how to value the good things in life through a kind voicemail from her mother.
The Road To Excellence: 25 Years To Nationals 

(Manoli Figetakis. 2019, 3 mins.) Students show us an inside look at their step team and what it has done to change their lives.

(Brianna Sumpter. 2019, 5 mins.) This documentary tracks the journey of Brianna Sumpter with type 2 diabetes over the course of a few years, and how she got herself off of insulin through adopting a plant-based diet.
Martha and the Stars

(Daniel Anton. 2019, 4 mins.) Martha’s love life affects her deeply.
Ghost Girl 

(Sony Castillo. 2018, 4 mins.) Two high school students form a mystical bond.

(Joline Jourdain. 2019, 2 mins.) A boy ignores his reality through video games.
Arm Wrestling 
(David Vera Ruiz. 2018, 30 secs.) A little girl battles her grandfather in a game of arm wrestling.


(Anadia Jaghai. 2018, 7 mins.) A girl tries to cope with her grandmother’s fading memories.

The Art of Parenting

(Aliyah Lauren Warr. 2019, 5 mins.) A story of addiction and how it affects a mother’s relationship with her children.

Don’t Beat Your Wife

(Brandon Garcia. 2019, 1 min.) A film made from the sounds of Raymond Scott about a mannequin transforming into a woman through the dialogue of music.

Demon Sanctuary

(Ronan Madden. 2019, 1 min.) Damien the Demon goes on a wacky night on the town.

Jet Striker 

(Tyler Solomon. 2019, 5 mins.) A comic book animated film based on the life of a vigilante high school student set in the postmodern Far Rockaways of New York City.

An Inside Look at Francis Lewis: What is Ableism?

(Manoli Figetakis. 2019, 4 mins.)

I’m Not Who You Think I Am – PSA to End Racial Bias

(Tiana Soto. 2018, 2 mins.) An original music video challenging racial stereotypes in society.

PR Video

(MoMI Teen Council & Pablo Herrera. 2019.) Promotional video made by teen council.

Total run of program: 49:28