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Live Code: Real-Time Visual Music Since the 1980s

Sunday, May 19, 2024 at 1:00 pm

The rich art history of visual music spans more than a century. The mid-1980s saw the emergence of a new chapter—artists generating music and visuals through live, often real-time programming. As live coding practices gained momentum, the algorave scene flourished: in these entrancing process performances artists create both music and visuals with the code often unfurling on the screen for all to see. Don’t miss this panel, part of Open Worlds opening weekend, featuring artists and subject experts who will share insights into the groundbreaking artwork, software, and events that have shaped live code practices. 

Featuring: Char Stiles, Roxanne Harris, Anton Marini (vade), and Nick Montfort, moderated by Associate Curator of Media Arts Regina Harsanyi