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Creating a Visual Poem with Tiffany Joy Butler

Saturday, Mar 20, 2021 at 12:00 pm

In her review of Eric Baudelaire’s new documentary Un Film dramatique, New York Times critic Teo Bugbee writes, “Some scenes are riveting, as when the French-Romanian student Gabriel-David debates his French-Ivorian classmate, Guy-Yanis, over what it means to have a country of origin if you’ve never lived there.” Inspired by the film’s sociopolitical conversations and experimental filmmaking elements, MoMI Media Instructor Tiffany Joy Butler will lead a virtual one-hour, do-it-yourself filmmaking workshop exploring self-expression with a small group discussion on cultural identity. This will include a guided mini project that teaches participants how to make a one-minute visual poem—a video work that expresses the interests, identity, and environment of the maker—recorded on a smartphone and edited through Adobe Spark Video. The workshop will introduce different film production techniques, such as writing, lighting, creating a camera shot list, setting up a camera, and editing the video.   

Materials needed: a Zoom account; an Adobe Spark account, which is accessible through any internet browser; and a smartphone with a video camera capability.

Participants are encouraged to watch Un Film dramatique before participating in this free workshop and will receive a code for $2 off the film ticket price upon registration. 

This workshop is open to teachers, teaching artists and anyone interested in learning more about experimental filmmaking.