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Intro to Sound Design Digital Badge 


In audiovisual productions, sound is an essential element since, in addition to transmitting information, it helps to create the desired atmosphere, texture, or environment for a specific moment. Sound's aesthetic and expressive functions lie in its four categories: voice or word (dialogues, voice-over, etc.), music, sound effects and foleys, and silence. 

We understand sound effects as the set of sounds made up of noises and other sound manifestations that give the sensation of realism. The sound effects are used in parallel to the images or as a counterpoint and become elements of expressive importance, creating atmospheres and emotions that give fluidity to the narrative. 

In Intro to Sound Design, students will receive a crash course in sound design for film, tv, digital, and media.  

Sound is a crucial part of all media as it goes beyond what is seen on the screen. Workshop participants will discuss the impact of sound in media and then get the chance to use fundamental tools used by sound designers to create their own sound design projects. Students will learn how sound design brings stories to life and understand the many interesting and varied career opportunities in the sound design world.   

The Intro to Sound Design Digital Badge certifies that the participant has: 

  • Been exposed to various job roles, opportunities, and creative possibilities within the world of sound design. 
  • Got in touch with their listening skills to better appreciate and connect with their surroundings. 
  • Gained familiarity with audio technology, including different microphones and a/v software. 
  • A new understanding of the importance of sound to shape how we experience and connect with media and the world. 

Upon completing the workshop, students receive this digital badge in Intro to Sound Design.