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Simple Men


With Hal Hartley, Bill Sage, Robert Burke, and other special guests in person 

Dir. Hal Hartley. 1992, 105 mins. With Robert John Burke, Bill Sage, Martin Donovan, Karen Sillas. One of Hal Hartley’s finest films, Simple Men is a road movie about two brothers who reunite after their father escapes from a hospital. As Hartley has said, the movie features “extreme factions of America that are not idealized but stylized.” Bill (Robert Burke), the older brother, is a robber-mechanic, an amalgam between a 1980s overachiever and a thug, whereas Dennis (Bill Sage) is a contemplative scientist-philosopher. “Bill defines the world as he moves through it; Dennis questions it,” writes critic Emmanuel Levy. Following the screening, Hartley, Sage, and Burke will discuss the film. 

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