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Tracking Happiness. Courtesy of the artist; Yvon Lambert, Paris and Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv.


Restless: Films and Other Works by Mircea Cantor

Mar 3 — May 6, 2012

Location: Amphitheater Gallery

Co-presented by Museum of the Moving Image and the Romanian Cultural Institute New York

Seven women dressed in white walk in a circle in the sand, sweeping away their footprints. A young boy attempts to cut a stream of water with scissors. A crowd of Albanian demonstrators march through the streets holding mirrors instead of signs. A factory and its workers are used for the production of a useless product—double-headed matches. These are some of the simple yet memorable and evocative images on display in the video and installation work of artist Mircea Cantor (b. 1977, Romania).

This exhibition includes installations of three video works: Tracking Happiness, Vertical Attempt, and I decided not to save the world; and a photographic diptych. Cantor won the prestigious Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2011 in Paris, which is fitting because his wry, conceptual work has been compared to that of Duchamp. Cantor creates images that are at once crystalline in their clarity, yet deeply paradoxical. They are concerned with issues of memory, history, oppression, and the futility—and necessity—of hope. While his thematic concerns may reflect his identity as a Romanian-born artist, his work is also accessible and universal. As he has said, refusing to be pigeonholed by identification with one nation, “art is my country.”

Continuous screenings in the Bartos Screening Room

Weekdays starting at 1.30 p.m. Weekends starting at 10.30 a.m.

New selection starts each Saturday.

Saturday, March 3–Friday, March 9

Saturday, April 7–Friday, April 13

The leash of the dog that was longer than his life, 2009 (17 mins.)

Dead Time, 2003 (3 mins.)

Saturday, March 10–Friday, March 16

Saturday, April 14–Friday, April 20

The Landscape is Changing, 2003 (22 mins.)

(…), 2003 (7 mins.)

Dead Time, 2003 (3 mins.)

Saturday, March 17–Friday, March 23

Saturday, April 21–Friday, April 27

Double Heads Matches, 2002–2003 (18 mins.)

Ping Pang Pong, 2002 (6 mins.)

Saturday, March 24–Friday, March 30

Saturday, April 28–Friday, May 4

The snow and the man, 2005 (10 mins. Made with Gabriela Vanga)

Zooooooom, 2006–2009 (3 mins.)

Tribute, 2004 (3 mins.)

Saturday, March 31–Friday, April 6

The right man at the right place (I), 2002 (4 mins.)

The right man at the right place (II), 2002 (4 mins.)

Recycling, 1999 (2 mins.)

Saturday, May 5—Sunday, May 6

The Landscape is Changing, 2003 (22 mins.)

Double Heads Matches, 2002–2003 (18 mins.)

Zooooooom, 2006–2009 (3 mins.)